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I thought it would be cool if sometime in the 80s there had been a (Pike and)shooter arcade game where you controlled a formation of 16th century, early gunpowder era mercenaries. So then I started making one.

Pike 'n Shot is heavy inspired by both the Gameboy game Mercenary Force as well as the battlefield part of the NES/Amiga game North & South. Screen shots of these games I saw in magazines really grabbed my imagination as a kid and I was dying to play them. Then I actually did and unfortunately they proved to be a combination of awkward and unsatisfying. 

But my idea of what they might have been like still excited me and so I set about making Pike 'n Shot: my attempt to make a good game out of that inspiration. The result is a fast paced, real-time renaissance battle that is a lot  more streamlined and plays sort of like a shoot'em up.

Pike 'n Shot is still in very early alpha status. What I have for download so far is a prototype of the desired eventual renaissance battle experience that I hope you will enjoy. 

  • Use your pikes to kill waves of melee attackers or hold off armoured threats
  • dodge and shoot ranged troops to avoid losses
  • shoot armoured enemies to break their protection and make them vulnerable
  • capture loot to build up your coffers (health) and earn special "doppel soldiers"


  • Z - Pike
  • X - Shot
  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Ctrl + 1 - Restart
  • Ctrl + 0 - Toggle Full Screen
  • Esc - Quit

Works with most controllers too (Xbox, PS3, etc)


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This is great, shame it didn't continue development.

Great artwork and such a cool game design concept. Great work!


hey!! AWESOME game, whats the state of development?