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finnaly somebody had the balls to make a game about this


Heh, what made you guys stumble on my poor old game? 

pike n shoot

What's that supposed to mean? Hehehe

it is what it is 

love the idea!

I remember following this game religiously back on the original TIG forum post, I think starting with version 0.1
So fun and loads of potential.

It is a gorgeous, and dont you doubt, rare of this genious combination of my (sadly nieche) renaissance setting done in this easy to play shoot em up, All while being challenging, Do keep it up Please.


Got around to giving this a try. Nice concept. The boss wiped me out pretty fast. I was kinda expecting it to be 2 player because you mentioned you wanted me and JordiGH to play it ha ha.


Oh cool, glad you tried it. I had forgotten I'd asked you. Did you stream it?

No, not on stream.

This is great, shame it didn't continue development.

Sorry, I got burnt out on it and trying to work day jobs.
I'm working on a new little roguelike game now about moles. I'll put up a page for it eventually when I get more done (Molehill Mountain).

I might come back to this game some day, I did put a lot of work into it, and it was my first decent game design I think.

That happens a lot :)

It's good to know you have your priorities in order, and finishing games is super hard! So don't feel bad when abandoning projects, framing them into a full product is an art in itself.

Good luck with everything!

Great artwork and such a cool game design concept. Great work!


hey!! AWESOME game, whats the state of development?